Water Features In Your Garden

Water features are a welcome addition to any garden. There are a lot of water features on sale: ponds, mini-lakes, jacuzzis, fountains etc. Water attractions break the monotony of the landscape. Here are some tips for you if you want to install something like these in your garden:

Water Fountains

By far, garden fountains are the best water features you can install. Installing something like this could turn your backyard into a picturesque landscape. There are a lot of ways to install water fountains. You can have a landscaper do it for you or you can do it yourself. If you’re not keen on spending thousands for the labor alone, you can do it yourself.


Do-it-yourself garden fountains are easy to find and easier to install if you have the right tools. You can ask your friends to help out if you run into trouble. You can choose from a wide variety of designs, from stand-alone fountains to hanging fountains you can mount on your backyard wall.

The central part of your garden is a great spot for your fountain. You can place decorative rocks around the water features, and even lights. You can add more accessories to beautify a fountain. Waterfalls and sculptures are an elegant combination for your water features.


Your choice of fountain design should depend on the size of your garden. Space saving wall fountains work well if your garden is small. If you have pets around, you may need to train them not to get to close to the fountain. Dogs in particular consider the water fountains their personal bath tub.

Interested in waterfalls?

You may find that installing a waterfall in your garden is a bit more difficult than installing a water fountain. First of all, if the set up does not include a way to recycle the flowing water, the water bill could make you give up on your project. If you’re using a pump that simply uses the same amount of water every day, you need to change the water frequently. Secondly, you need a good backdrop for your falls, otherwise it’s just water flowing over your walls. A pond can be installed so that the water flowing from your falls won’t be wasted.

Ponds in your garden will require some digging and maintenance. Ponds are great but it may be tiring to clean out the dirt that accumulated in it after a week. You need to locate the pond somewhere in your garden that won’t disturb the natural flow of things.








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