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A well-grown Cineraria (Senecio cruentus) is always a welcome in your home. Masses of Daisy-like flowers cover the soft, heart-shaped leaves and the color range is impressive – white, blue, pink, purple and red varieties are available. The showiest strain is the Grandiflora group – large-flowered plants about 18 in high. The tallest Cinerarias are varieties belonging to the Stellata group, reaching a height of 2 ft or more with small, star-shaped flowers. At the other end of the scale is the Nana group, small and compact, with masses of brightly-colored flowers.

Buy plants with some open flowers and masses of unopened buds. They shoud last for 4-6 weeks. Unfortunately, Cineraria can be a disappointing plant and will colapse in a week or two in a hot room or if it is not watered properly.

Perfumed Plants for Winter Garden

Perfumed Plants for Winter Garden

If you are looking for a temporary plant to brighten your winter balcony or garden bed then think of stock with its interesting clove-like perfume and soft spires of flowers that can also be cut for indoor decoration. Probably the best approach to growing this annual species is to purchase punnets of seedlings from your local garden centre when they become available in early winter.

The delicate perfumes of daphne (Daphne odora), luculia (Luculia gratissima), wintersweet (Chimonanthuas praecox) are winter wonders to die for. They can all be temperamental plants that are best grown in large containers to give the excellent drainage they require to thrive. Trim each species in spring after they have finished flowering to keep them vigorous and bushy.

Most Extraordinary Plants For your Garden

Most Extraordinary Plants For your Garden

They might be static and for the most part a shade of green, but that does not limit the wonder of plant life. Their diversity is unsurpassed amongst the natural world and some are truly extraordinary. Here are some examples of the more unusual plants that can be found on our green and pleasant earth.

Venus Fly Trap

One of the most well-known carnivorous plants The Venus Fly Trap is a remarkable organism. Its latin name is dionaea muscipula. Dioneae refers to being the daughter of Dione from Greek mythology that was Aphrodite and the muscipula translates directly as mousetrap. The plant is available all over the world due to cultivation on a large scale and the result has been a plethora of cultivars.

Fun Outdoor Plumbing Ideas

Fun Outdoor Plumbing Ideas

Plumbing is not just for the indoors anymore. Today’s master plumber is as experienced in outdoor plumbing installations as he or she is with indoor ones. People are building more and more elaborate backyards for their homes, creating an increasing number of unique ways to leverage plumbing outside the home. The following are some great ideas that you can use to improve your backyard and bring all the comfort of interior living to your outdoor space.

Set up an outdoor kitchen. Barbeques are full-service, these days. With an outdoor kitchen, you’ll never again have to trek back and forth endlessly to your indoor kitchen to prep, wash, or rinse. A sink, along with other kitchen essentials, can be set up right in your backyard within reaching distance of your grill, truly transforming the experience of a summer barbeque.