How To Grow Pumpkins?

Almost everybody loves pumpkins simply because they are delicious and nutritious too. They are also baked into the delicious and popular pumpkin pies that every kids love. Pumpkins are gourd-like squash that have yellow or orange thick shell that contains seeds and has pulps. Pumpkins are important to humans as foods and also used as decorations during special holidays such as the Halloween season.

Because of their importance to us primarily as a source of food, they are grown on almost all parts of the world except for Antarctica which can’t produce due to its climate. Growing pumpkins in your garden is easy and requires minimal maintenance which is suitable for new gardeners. Pumpkins are known for being sturdy where even when they lose their leaves and some of their stems; they easily recover fast and thrive on almost any type of weather. However they do better on warm-weathered places but will do well on even weather conditions.


Basically, when planting a pumpkin, the best thing to do is to know what kind of pumpkin you want to grow on your garden. When you’ve decided on what pumpkin you want, you can now purchase the seeds from your local agricultural store. Pumpkins are ideally planted best on sunny spots because as I’ve said earlier, they thrive on warm weather and the more they get from the sun, the better they grow up. Although you can also put them in a spot where there’s minimal sunlight, they will not grow up as beautiful and as healthy as those that are planted with good sunlight.


You can either plant them in the middle of small hills or mounds that are made with trenches to keep them watered but at the same time free from not getting soaked during heavy rains. This is typical in most garden plants and works pretty well all the time. You can also soften the outer shell of the seeds by soaking them the night before you plant them. This method is used to make sprouting faster and easier. However, you can also plant it whenever you want to even without soaking it overnight. After putting the seeds on the hole you’ve made on the small hills or mounds, you can now cover them with soil to keep them from being eaten by birds and so that they will not dry out from the heat of the sun.


At this early stage, you should keep them moist at all time to make their growth faster and to maintain healthy pumpkin plants. Avoid pouring water so that you will not wash away the soil along with the seeds. All they need for now is gentle sprinkling of water. Refrain from touching and checking out the soil to avoid shaking and stressing out the delicate plant. In just a few days you will see that there are baby leaves coming out of the ground along with the soft stem. Be careful now when you are watering them so that they will not break. This is a simple way of planting your pumpkin on your garden. Enjoy and have fun planting pumpkins!

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