Containers For Your Garden – Pots & Troughs

The most important thing when choosing containers is to ensure that they fit in with their surroundings. Another is cost – handmade terracotta is expensive, but a search of junk or antique shops may produce worthwhile trophies for little money.

Whatever style of pots you choose make sure that they will look good together. If you plan an extensive container garden, then you will need containers of various shapes and sizes for large and small plants. If they are to be grouped then the groupings must match. One of the most popular materials is terracotta, with pots available in many shapes and sizes.


Many of the designs are copies of Victorian styles which were available in the 19th century, and some of the more elaborate urns are based on classical designs. If you don’t like the rather raw orange-brown color of new cheap pots, you can tone them down by painting them in soft colors.

Alternatively, encourage them to ‘age’ more quickly by painting them in yogurt or a mixture of sour milk and yogurt; this attracts algae, and within just a few weeks will give the pot a pleasant greenish patina.


Troughs and basins

A container garden with pots only would look rather dull and it is worthwhile incorporating a number of troughs. The most expensive and heaviest are made from lead but there are now many designs manufactured from fiberglass or stone. You could also use kitchen sinks and stone troughs.

Always position large pots, urns and troughs before filling and planting them; once full, they may be too heavy to move. Place the empty pots where you think you would like them to go, then move them around, trying out different arrangements until you are satisfied they fit the space before you fill them.







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